How do you build a relationship with an investor? You do exactly that, BUILD.

There are 101 different roles a manager has when running a complex. Sometimes it can feel like in one single day you have changed your professional hat a dozen times, from gardener to pool man/woman to a professional real estate agent. Days turn into weeks and suddenly you have been running your business for 12 months and still have not had a conversation with Betty who owns unit 14. I know 80% of you are nodding your heads after reading this first paragraph and that is ok because below, I am going to give you the nudge you need. the beautiful thing about relationships is that they can begin at any time, it is never too late.

Communication is key

When I say communication, I do not mean an email, text, likes, thumbs up, or any of the non-human interactive ways we do things these days. I mean a good old fashion pick up the phone, human to human conversation. In a world where human interaction is predominantly done behind a keyboard, the power of face to face or voice to voice contact is even more effective. This may make you feel a little uncomfortable, the thought of picking up that phone, “what if my investor gives me negative feedback?”, “What if all they do is complain?”. My question to you is, would you rather them be confiding in you about their issues or Britney from Big Shot Realestate? For every constructive conversation you have, you will be one closer to a commendable one. I want you to go to your calendar block out an afternoon or morning, whatever time of the day you feel your best, and call it Business Building or Relationship Making, whatever resonates with you. Recure this appointment every 3-6 months so you are committed to making the phone calls. Find a place you feel comfortable and confident, it could be your home, office or even down at the park. It is important for you to feel relaxed and confident as this will project from your voice. Take the time to communicate with your clients. A wise man once told me prior preparation prevents piss poor performance.

Getting to know your client.

During your scheduled nonnegotiable 3-6-month conversations ensure you are armed with a pen and paper ready to document facts about your clients. Another wise man once told me, you have two ears and only one mouth for a reason. Listen and take notes. Think about this; Betty from unit 14 has a four-legged friend that is her pride and joy, let us call him fluffy. During your scheduled nonnegotiable 3-6-month conversations she mentions that Fluffy is going in for surgery on the 16th of December. You, being armed with a pen and paper document this fact. You then diaries this and on the 16th of December you call/email or if it was me flowers and a card wishing fluffy all the best for his surgery. We do this for many reasons. First and foremost we do it to make Betty feel good on a hard day, we also do it because next time Britney from Big Shot Realestate rings and tries to win over Betty’s business I promise you she will think twice about leaving the onsite managers that she now calls her friends.

It is time to get comfortable with the uncomfortable and start building and nurturing some of the most financially beneficial relationships in your business. You are the expert in your field, be confident and know you are the best agent to service your investors.