Back in May, our industry celebrated the 30th Anniversary of ARAMA, and oh what a night it was. Walking through the crowds I was delighted to see old relationships reunited and new ones formed. There were pioneers of the industry nestled next to and chatting with others that are only just beginning their journey. It got me thinking, these relationships with our industry specialist and other management rights owners are just as important to our business as those that are closer to home.

Management rights is certainly no walk in the park so having friends, colleagues’ acquaintances whatever you want to call them that you able to phone in a time of crisis is crucial to surviving and thriving in this industry.

When a client picks up the phone and calls to ask for my assistance with a legal matter, tenancy issue, committee problems, caretaking duties (I could keep going with topics, but I have a word limit) if I don’t have the answer I will certainly know where to get it. Yes the secret is out, I definitely 100 percent do not know it all, but I have built incredible relationships throughout my time in this magnificent industry that make me look extremely intelligent, thanks guys!

There are many social and educational events that occur for our industry throughout the year, some even happen monthly. Many managers attend these events but also organise lunches or even dinners with other building owners to catch up, laugh, cry, and support each other.

Aren’t we lucky that we are in an industry where our colleagues and sometimes even our competitors are willing to sit across the table and give us their formula of successes?

I encourage you to go to that lunch/event or even start one of your own. Invite your nearby managers, your lawyer, accountant, finance broker, columnist (I am suggesting me in case you did get my subtle approach) and start building these relationships. The benefits these friendships will have during your management rights adventure are crucial to your sanity (for me anyway) and your success.

The relationships we build in business and life, mould who we are and who we are as businessmen and women. I will be forever grateful for the men and women in our industry that have moulded and will continue to mould me into the women I am today.