Our goal is to educate external investors on the benefits of having their investment managed by you

 Letts Rebuild can assist with client recovery from marketing and negotiation through to onboarding and on-going relationship maintenance


Marketing to prospective investors via email, newsletters, post, SMS message service, phone and targeting through video content.


Adding value to your database by providing commentary on each investor for account management.


Negotiation of fees and charges with investors including commission, expenses and administrative fees.


Management of new letting pool conversions including all documentation, onboarding and on-going relationship maintenance.


Coordination of hand over processes including legal documentation, body corporate, internal and external administration.


Ensuring all new clients receive a personalised experience from start to finish including a gift hamper with compliments. 

Learn about our insights and experiences when dealing with investors and how effective communication strategies are a key tool in the armoury of our processes

Our clients testify to our depth of knowledge and support services.

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