As a writer (no I don’t actually think of myself as a writer, I am just adding that for dramatic effect) you never want to retract something you have written. In an article that was published last year I was quoted saying that “even a monkey could sell Real Estate”.

Now this isn’t a full retraction, more of an edit. In that particular market, a monkey probably could have sold residential real estate but in the market we are seeing at the moment, I don’t think they would have a chance.

Although we are still seeing properties go up for sale, they are on the market a lot longer and the demand has certainly quietened down. This means knowing your market and the strategies to put in place to achieve the best results, understanding the art of negotiating and sometimes having the courage to have some tough conversations.

If you are a manager that is confident in the sales process and feel comfortable listing and selling in any market, I applaud you. If you are new to sales as a manager but feel you are capable, that is great and well done. If you are a manager that thinks about doing sales and wants to run for the hills and hide, I celebrate you for knowing your strengths.

In saying that I do suggest that you find yourself a friendly agent, no that isn’t me giving my new company a plug but yes that is what my company is called and yes that is what we provide.

You as managers need to ensure that when you open your gates and let an agent into your community that they are working collaboratively with you, that they understand your business and the importance of the relationship they have with you.

Story time with Kelley…

Find an agent that values you and knows the value of your relationship. We had a sale recently where there was a multiple offer situation. There was an owner occupier and an investor battling it out. Unfortunately, at the end of the negotiation the owner occupier was $5,000 above the investors offer and the investor had no intentions of increasing his price, believe me I tried. The agents and I had a conversation with the seller and explained the situation. We then offered the seller a reduction of $5,000 in our commission if they were willing to take the investors offer. It was a done deal, the seller was happy, the investor was happy, the tenant was over the moon and the managers, well do I even have to say how pleased they were.

If you are a manager that feels nervous about selling or simply do not want to, find yourself an agent that values your relationship more than a single sale.

Everybody wins when everybody wins.